Windows server backup offers companies a powerful way of backing up and recovering all their primary data. Whether a single file or an entire hard drive full of data needs to be backed up or recovered, the Windows server backup perform this service. A lot of companies fail to have a successful backup and recovery plan implemented. They instantly regret this in the event of a disaster or accident, that causes them to lose all their data. If the software and service is there, it should be taken advantage of – it should not be risked in any circumstance.

Windows server backup is simple to install, and can begin to instantly backup your files. The data you have selected can be backed either daily, hourly or to any time period that suits your company‘s workload. Not only does Windows server backup allow anything from single files, to entire hard drives to be successfully backed up, but it can also provide features to look after your important emails. This is another popular component of today’s business, and so it is just as essential to save them, as it is to save the documents created in each company.

The Windows server backup will allow all the computers that are installed with the software, to upload their files to the same server. This data will then be encrypted with the highest possible protection, that will not allow the data to be tampered with. This can offer the company full peace of mind in the security of the software. The data storage centres, where the Windows server backup software will transport the backed up data, are also monitored by security.

The Windows backup server means that numerous employees can get involved in the backup of data. All that is needed is the internet connection and login details to make sure that all data is uploaded and backed up to the same place. This is perfect for large companies that have offices in different cities in the world.

Server backup proves itself to be simple, allowing users the flexibility to choose the way in which they go about restoring their data. The server provides the means to allow the company to restore their files from the website that is providing data backup and storage for the company. There is also, if needed, the option to have the entire amount of data that is backed up on the server, to be restored efficiently and fast. This can be done either with all the data placed on an external hard drive, or on multiple CD discs. This is valuable to companies who need to have their data replaced very quickly after an accident.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."