For some companies, backing up all their data and information can be daunting. Sometimes despite all their efforts, there are cases where files do not successfully create back ups. Even worse, damages to your hard drive can occur, making data almost impossible to restore. Accidents like this are hard to recover from, despite all your best efforts, illuminating the reason why online backup storage is so important. With this service, all your data can be securely stored online, and backed up in an offsite storage vault – allowing recovery when and if necessary.

Online backup storage software can easily be downloaded onto the company server. This allows all the company computers to synchronise, and use the same network to upload their work. The online backup storage can be used by people from the same company at home, in the office, or even abroad – allowing online backup storage to be an even easier process.

The online backup storage software works on a variety of Windows, Macs and other operating systems. Giving companies the flexibility to use whichever computers they prefer with the software. All different platforms on these operating systems are also supported.

Two data storage centres are used to keep your files as secure as possible. Essentially, the data that is backed up, is backed up again by the second storage centre. The data is monitored and secured by security, ensuring your data is always safe. The data itself is encrypted when it is initially sent over to the online backup storage centre, making sure that it cannot be tampered with or damaged.

You have the ability to choose the number of files that are uploaded – it is all based around you deciding the files that are critical to your company. This can be a single file, or a hundred files. An added bonuses is, that due to the speed of the software, simultaneous backups can be performed at once.

As well as having a strong security on the data that is being uploaded, it also is incredibly easy to recover any data that may have been lost. The recovery process can be anything from restoring a few important files, to an entire system. This can be performed from the backup storage software itself, or from the storage centre website. In extreme cases, the entirety of your uploaded data can be sent out, fast, to your company.

Online backup storage is essential for ensuring that an entire company can aide in backing up all the important data, rather than relying on one employee to do all the important updating and backing up of files. Unlike backing up on hard drives, online backup storage encrypts files to give them extra security. It removes the data from the threat of being lost if any physical or technical faults should occur on the company network, and provides a safe place for them to be stored.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."