Solutions are provided for each and every company that require their information and data to be backed up. These solutions have often been to provide space on hard drives or computers for backed up files. In today’s computer dominant times, a new solutions has been created to allow people to store their backed up data online. Safe online backup storage centres, act like vaults to maintain the integrity of a company’s file.

Online backup solutions are offered to all companies, no matter what operating system they are running on their computers. Most of these online backup software are compatible on all versions of these operating systems. Rather than installed these solutions on to each and every computer via a disk – they can be simply downloaded. These online backup solutions can cater to your specific needs and design a package that best suits your business, and your backup needs. Whether it be, only certain files to be selected, regular daily backups performed day or night, or simply needing the additional help of a recovery solution included, there is something for every company.

Online backup solutions encrypt all uploaded data, before sending it to the secure backup storage centres. These centres are also monitored to ensure that data is not damaged or sabotaged in any way, installing confidence in your company’s work.

These online backup solutions also provide businesses with the chance to recover the files in the event of any accident or natural disaster. Business can decide which crucial files they wish to recover, whether it be a single file or an entire hard drive.

Online backup solutions have to be accessed solely from the office or workstation. Employees can link their home computers, or computers that they use abroad, with the same network they are using at work. All it takes is an internet connection, regardless of where in the world you are. Online backup solutions are not only perfect for providing peace of mind and security to businesses. They are also perfect for allowing companies, with a vast number of employees who travel regularly, or work in other countries to join the main network.

The need for online backup solutions is evident for companies that wish to protect their data. These solutions can make sure that all backed up information is available to recover in any event. The online backup solutions need only to be updated to make sure they are always in full working order, and then they can be left to do the work they are meant to do.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."