Online backup services are there to remove the hassle of backing up all your important data with traditional methods. Backing up important files can often mean numerous external hard drives have to be bought to keep all the data safe, and backed up. Online backup services mean all that is required for companies to do, is to install the backup software. You choose when the software runs the back ups, whether it be morning or night, giving companies the flexibility to control their backing up schedules.

Online backup services make sure that all the data sent to the storage facility, is encrypted. This encryption is the highest protection that can be offered, making sure that none of the data, no matter how sensitive, can not be compromised. Online backing up services provide the maximum safety for all your documents.

With backing up, records are kept of all the files that are uploaded. Emails can be sent to you, informing you whether all the files have been successfully uploaded or not. Details will be sent to you to ensure you are aware of any problems in backing up you data, so it can be rectified. Someone will always be there to make sure that the online backup services are providing the best service they can – and offer any necessary help.

Online back up services are so essential for saving companies that may be faced with losing all their data. Despite companies investing a lot of time into backing up their data on their hard drives – sometimes, even this is not good enough. By sending the data to an online storing facility, online backup services can also provide recovery of all the data that has gone.

The best thing about online backup services is also their accessibility. No longer does it mean that one person is left to back up all the company files, but rather, it is an automated backing up service that will work on each and every computer linked to the network. Not only this, but the data can be downloaded, if needed, from anywhere in the country or abroad. Some companies have businesses that span quite a large part of the globe, and need all their employees to be able to have admittance to the same information. Online backup services provide this key function.

Recovery of files is just as simple as the backing up process, with a variety of ways offered to restoring files. The files can be restored either from, the website to which the backed up files have been sent to, or from the online software itself. In the event of large recoveries being needed, there are options for sending entire external hard drives to your company. Online backup services provide every company with the options to have their data securely and safely backed up – ready to be recovered when and if necessary.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."