Many companies are aware that files need to be backed up, just in case an accident occurs that causes them to lose their business data. There are a large amount of companies that do conduct regular backups. However, this usually means one person is in charge of the backup of files, and must perform this task before they leave the office. This kind of backup is useful for day to day business, but in the event that something causes unfixable damage to your computer, another way of backing up your files needs to be established. The answer to this, is to use internet backup.

Companies are turning to internet backup sites, in order to protect their vital data. This is occurring for a number of reasons. Firstly, the data is always encrypted when it is sent to an internet backup site, giving it ultimate protection against outside influences. Although many people worry about sending files to be backed up on the internet, it is in fact securely monitored. All that is needed to get started is the simple installation of the appropriate software – no hardware or expensive technology is required.

Internet backups provide users with the ability  to determine when their backups will be scheduled to run. Backups can be performed each day or each night, and in some cases even hourly. The software is completely adjustable to your needs. Anyone who needs to have access to the data, can – despite where they are in the world. All that is necessary for entrance to the data, is the correct login details and an internet connection. This makes business much smoother for companies who have clients and employees in different cities worldwide.

When the internet backup performs the task of backing up the data, the information is sent to a secure data centres. As well as a backup system, these data centres and the internet backup companies provide users with the option of restoring their files, when they are needed. Restoring is simple and easy to do. It can either be a single file, or numerous files that can be restored.

The restoration of an internet backup can be performed in different ways. All your internet backup files can be restored via the website providing the internet backup, as they save what you upload. Or in other cases it can also be done from the internet backup software itself, within minutes and taking only a few clicks. For bigger restoring jobs however, all the data can be placed on a hard drive or data CD’s and sent via same day courier.

Internet backup is essential for maintaining a companies data in the event of an accident or disaster. Making it perfect for any company in the technological age.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."