All companies need to have a plan devised, to ensure that their data is always protected. Too many times people have lost their data in unfortunate circumstances, because they have failed to back up all significant files and documents. Server disaster recovery provides this service – backing up all data that a company classes as vital. This also allows any backed up data to be successfully recovered.

Server disaster recovery does not require any hard ware, just a simple installation of the software. The software is then placed on each computer that is a part of the server. From this server, single files can be backed up or large amounts of files can be backed up Рthe perfect thing about server disaster recovery is the versatility. The software can be adapted to fit the company’s needs and requirements. Back ups can be performed to fit around your working hours, this can be done morning, day or night.

The server disaster recovery is also perfect for those companies that are not situated in one place, but instead have multiple offices or are have expanded across the globe. This allows all their employees to access the same server and backup their data. All that is required is a solid internet connection. Server disaster recovery also works on a new crucial part of business – emails. Often today, emails are used to establish and maintain business relationships, and so need to be saved as much as any other file.

The data is sent to the data storage centre, where it is encrypted for ultimate protection. In the data storage centres it is also monitored, for added security. Server disaster recovery plans make it easy for multiple people to be in charge of the back up process in one company.

Server disaster recoveries are simple to perform, with three options for regaining your data. Similar to the backup procedure, single files can be chosen to be restored. In other cases, an entire restore of the backed up files can be performed. This can be sent on an external hard drive, fast and efficiently for those people that want to recover their data quickly. The files can be restored from a few clicks, with the server disaster recovery software, or from the website that your files are sent to for backup.

Server disaster recovery should play a big role in any business who wishes to protect their data. The plan should be easy to understand and regularly checked to make sure that it is cohesive and clear. No server disaster recovery should be complicated, to make sure that the plan can continue to work as efficiently as possible. The server disaster recovery provides offsite storage for backed up files. So that in the event of a disaster, you can guarantee your data is safe.

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