Information technology is a heavy focus for today’s business world. Data is a vital part to all businesses and companies, so losing it can be a disaster in itself. In regards to this, it should therefore be a high priority for businesses to compile a IT disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan can provide a solution when a crisis occurs that causes some form of data loss. Potential IT disasters are a wide variety of things such as: viruses, Trojans, damages to hard drives and even sabotage. They all can effectively remove important data.

The initial thing to know when creating an IT disaster recovery plan, is the sheer amount of potential scenarios in which data can be lost, that need to be thought of. However, the easy solution to this is to begin with defining the basic causes of data loss. From then, The IT disaster recovery plan can be added to over time, by those in control of it, when other potential threats to the data appear.

As well as this important first step, the files and data that are the foundations to the business should be established. This is to pin-point what is the data that needs to be recovered before anything else. On top of this, the time in which the company would like to be up and running after a disaster occurs, needs to be decided. This allows there to be a clear method and target behind the established IT disaster recovery plan.

A data back up plan needs to be working in partner with this IT disaster recovery plan. If the data is not backed up, an attempted recovery is practically impossible and pointless. All important and critical data needs to be backed up in a data storage centre. Many varieties of data backup software exist, running on different operating systems and formats.

The most essential component of the IT disaster recovery plan, is that it needs regular testing. There is no use for an IT disaster recovery plan that is tested once a year, only to find that it no longer works when it is needed. How reliable the IT disaster recovery plan is when helping the company restore itself, after a disaster, can only be determined with regular updates and testing.

IT disaster recovery plans are fantastic for making sure that a company can establish itself again after a disaster. With all important documents and data noted, and backed up, restoring files has never been easier. IT disaster recovery plans needs to be well thought out and looked after, but not complicated.

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