Harmful viruses, physical accidents, fires and floods; nobody can predict when any of these events or accidents may occur. These threats can cause you to lose all your precious data and put your company in jeopardy. The best method of protecting against this mishaps is for a disaster recovery plan to be established at your company. The recovery services aim to provide you with the benefit of being able to backup your data offsite. This then means that easier recoveries can be performed, from the backed up data. Many companies forget to back up their data, and lose it permanently when something goes wrong. Disaster recovery services are intended to change this, providing you with secure backups and easily recoverable files.

Disaster recovery services allow you to decide when your data should be scheduled to perform a backup. This will automatically begin with no prompting, ensuring all data created each day is securely backed up. No hardware is required for this service, just the simple installation of the disaster recovery software. As long as a computer on the same network is installed with this software, the files can be easily backed up. The data is sent securely to the data storage centres that monitor and protect it. The files are encrypted as they are sent to the data storage centres, providing them with the utmost security.

The recovery process is simple once these stages of upload are complete. When backing up files, companies have the choice to select specific files, or to upload everything. The recovery of files acts in a similar way. Files that are considered critical to a company can be restored, without having to recover the entire system. Single files can be regained in a matter of minutes, by using the software itself. Larger quantities of files, however, can be requested to be sent out on an external hard drive, or multiple CD’s. This is a fantastic method of recovery for those companies that need to restore their files quickly and effectively. Files can also be accessed from the website storing your data – with the right login details, access can be granted and files successfully restored.

Disaster recovery services are always improving, meaning recovery plans and strategies should be updated as regularly as possible. This is to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is at its optimal working condition, doing its job to back up and protect your data.

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