Backup disaster recovery plans are crucial for maintaining a business in the event of a natural disaster or accident. No matter what kind of business you are running, a backup disaster recovery plan is an essential service you should invest in. Many companies fail to back up their files on a regular basis, and can lose all their data when an accident occurs. With a backup disaster recovery plan however, a backup can be performed automatically. This protects your important data and your business in the event of an unavoidable accident

Trojans, to viruses, theft and even natural disasters like floods or fires, can all cause damage to our prime data. Without backups, these files are unable to be recovered the majority of the time. A backup disaster recovery plan enables you to have a chance to recover the files once they are tragically lost.

Backup disaster recovery plans are created around what your business needs, working on all computer platforms and all operating systems. The plan can be adapted and tuned to run along side when backups run. The software will perform backups either morning or night, or hourly if this is more suitable to your company. The software can be completely tailored to your company’s working schedule.

The data sent from each computer, that is installed with the backup disaster recovery software, will encrypt the data as it uploads. This encryption is of a military standard, meaning all files are safely stored with the highest protection available. These files are then sent to a data storage centre, where they will be stored in an encrypted state and monitored for extra security.

Restoring files is easy with a backup disaster recovery plan. The thorough back up of files is performed each day. Just like the data that is selected to be backed up, recoveries can be performed on single files, or on extensive amounts of data. When using the software itself, a few simple clicks can restore the files. There is also the option of having external hard drives or CD’s sent out that contain all of the files that have been uploaded. In the event that only a select number of files are needed for recovery, the website that is associated with the storage centre, can provide the links to the files that need to be recovered.

A backup disaster recovery plan should be essential for any company. Especially those who wish to protect their valuable information and data from accidents and disasters that can happen at any moment.

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