A disaster recovery plan is an essential part to any company, no matter how big or small. Most business at some point will experience an incident that involves data loss. It usually happens suddenly without any warning and can prevent businesses trading for days, weeks or for some eternally. The two main categories that classify disaster recovery are a) Human Disasters – which include sabotage, accidents, trojans, viruses and theft. b) Natural Disasters – like fires, floods, lighting and earthquakes.

There are many factors to consider when developing a business disaster recovery plan. A key team should be assigned the responsibility for carefully planning the recovery from the natural and human incidents. It can be a daunting task as the life of your business will depend on it someday. Using our experience we have outlined the following steps which we believe should be included in your disaster recovery strategy.

1) Assess the impact to your organization should any of the disaster recovery subjects outlined above take place.
2) When developing your disaster recovery plan break it into steps so each stage brings closer normal business continuity. Detail the key individuals; it must be clear and not too complicated to understand. It is essential your disaster recovery plan is approved by all the relevant managers and directors in your organisation. All department managers must understand their role in the disaster recovery plan of action and you may need to get them to help with their section of the action plan.
3) Test your disaster recovery plan periodically. Make sure all new managers and employees part of the recovery team are aware of their involvement.

Once you have accessed, developed and tested your disaster recovery plan it must be kept up to date. Unfortunately we see time and time again disaster recovery plans that are years out of date. You can only imagine the panic in the midst of a disaster when you look down at your plan and notice most of the recovery team have left. Someone in your organisation must be given the ongoing responsibility for keeping the disaster recovery plan updated and maintained.

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