Stuart Pinner

Date: 17 Feb 12

Selecting the Best Online Backup Services

Those that are new to the idea of online backup often do not understand the significance of the service that they are being introduced to. For a few people, the first time they encounter online backup services is when they are frantically trying to find a way to recover their lost data and files in the event of an accident. These accidents could be anything from water damage, surges of energy or fires which cause the loss of data.

Therefore, it is up to the users who are already signed up to the various online backup services, to advise anyone who is not yet using these services, that they should be protecting their documents and files. The benefit of online backup services is: all documents and files are securely stored in an offsite remote location and users can determine the amount of backup storage they require, depending on their individual needs.

Users who are new to the service will notice that there are a variety of different companies that offer online storage options, making it a sometimes daunting task to choose the appropriate company to backup data with. To make it easier, there are some things one should consider when deciding on a backup plan.

The software used to backup files and documents can work on a multitude of systems and operating systems. Users will therefore need to determine what backup software they want on their systems. Users should also decide what type of plan they need to invest in; suppliers of online backup services can offer memberships based on the amount of storage that one uses, whilst other services offer customers the choice to pay a few depending on the plan that is chosen.

One should also enquire with each company, on their methods of storing and restoring data. The best online backup services will outline their product and provide detailed information on the mode of restoration they provide, or offer information on how to request help in the event of an emergency. Another thing that a potential customer should ask about is how a company provides access to data from different locations, as well as how to access media on handheld devices. For businesses with offices in a variety of locations, it is important to know that employees in each office will be able to access the data if required.

In order for a company to determine who is the best online backup service provider to suit their specific needs, one should compare and contrast the unique specifications and features (plus the service cost) offered by each online backup service provider. Customer recommendations, reviews and statements from previous customers will also help with determining which company is the best provider. 

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