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Online Backup for Small Sized Businesses

16 Oct 13

For smaller sized businesses, online backup plans need to provide a service which proves to be good value for money. Being economical is an essential part of running a successful small business; money cannot be wasted on services which are ineffective and too costly. Small businesses do not have the same luxury as bigger businesses, such as employing teams of people, to backup important data created by the company. They need an online backup plan which is reliable, efficient and can be easily utilised to ensure the protection of their data. 

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How durable is your Business without Online Backup?

17 May 13

Before you explore the benefits of installing and using an online backup system on a regular basis, ask yourself some questions: how resilient is your business? If you were to lose all the data that is currently stored on your servers, would your business be able to recover? How would you recover your data? What systems do you already have in place? Do you manually move your data to external hard drives and USB sticks? Do you rely on an employee to backup your critical data? Do you have a backup solution in plan? Have you experienced data loss before? The answers to these questions will determine how important implementing an online backup solution will be to your business and reveal the damage that may not be able to be undone if you are leaving your business unprotected and at risk.

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Choosing the Online Backup Provider With the Right Attributes

12 Apr 13

As the boom of online backup continues, being able to choose the right one is becoming increasingly harder. Many of the providers offer the same advice, same support and same features – however, there are some key factors that one can take into account when selecting the backup provider and online programme that would be best suited to them.

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Reasons Why Online Backup is Popular Choice

12 Apr 13

There are a variety of reasons as to why online backup has become a popular method for people to use when protecting their important data. Though traditional backup methods and the use of USBs, external hard drives, tapes and discs continue, computer users can benefit extensively from the use of online backup. Online backup guarantees that data can be saved in the event of serious accidents such as fires or floods; the files are stored virtually, online, or in a remote location. This means that they are available for recovery as soon as possible.

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The Strengths of Online Backup

20 Feb 13

Online backup services are created, and supplied by companies wishing to provide users with a safe service which allows the uploading and backup of important files and documents. These companies use a variety of servers to store backed up data, which offer unlimited capacity – making them the perfect place for data storage.

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