Tape backup is a traditional way of backing up files. There are many reasons why it is a great way to backup important data, most notably because it is the most cost effective way of storing data. Tape backup is convenient and perfect for people who wish to have their entire hard drives backed up. Tape is less expensive than other methods of media storage, making it more appealing, and still a safe way to perform backups – without the hefty sum of money to do the job.

Tape backup is appropriate for all kinds of computers. A key function of tape backup is the data compression that it can perform, this means that even more data can be stored on to one reel of tape. The tape is adapted from what it similarly used for video tapes, and like any other storage device has a wide range of capacities. The smaller cartridges are perfect for smaller companies, with less data, whilst the large companies can opt for the larger cartridges. The newest tape backup cartridge allows up to 1.5 terabytes to be stored on the backup tape, uncompressed – which is an enormous amount of storage space.

The most convenient thing about tape backup is that it can be used similarly to how a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive would be used. Anything from single files, that simply need to be transferred, or numerous files that need to be permanently stored can be copied and pasted to the tape backup directories. Files can even be cut if they are no longer needed.

Tape backup also comes with the same security measures as online backup storage. The data can be encrypted in the same way, before the information is compressed, guaranteeing protection on all your relevant files.

Although, online storage and external hard drives are becoming a good way to store all manner of data, some people prefer to go the traditional route. Tape backup is far more economical, and effective for those who wish to use it. It has been in use for decades and is constantly improving because of its reliability. There are different methods of transferring the data to the tape, ranging from scanning to a linear method that arranges the data in parallel lines.

Tape backup is perfect for long time storage, for physical storage and is extremely portable. Not only this but the speed in which the data writes to the tape is much faster. Tape backup used to come in the form of a cassette, but now comes in cartridges to protect the tape even further, and allow people to handle the tape easier without risk of damage.

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