Companies have learnt that today it pays to backup your files. In the event of any accident or disaster, the backup of files provides a chance to restore them. Sometimes however, companies fail to remember that emails are just as important to business as any of these documents. In some cases, emails are the primary way of conducting business. Outlook backup provides companies with the software to perform the necessary backup of these emails, and other data created in Outlook express.

Outlook backup enables users to synchronise computers, providing the ability to pass data and information between them. As long as the computers are using the same server they can successfully exchange data. Outlook backup is perfect for companies who wish to be able to modify and upload files for backup simultaneously, on the same network.
Outlook backup can be scheduled to perform whenever is best suited to you and your company. The files and emails can be backed up daily, either each night or each morning – and even more regularly than this, if needed. Obviously this is dependent upon the amount of data and emails that are generated each day by the company, and is tailored to suit your needs.

Like other methods of backing up files, Outlook backup provides the files with guaranteed security. All the files, data and emails that are backed up, are encrypted to ensure they are sent safely to the data storage centre. These files are therefore guaranteed to be uncompromised or damaged, and readily available for restoring.

Restoring with Outlook backup is easy to perform at anytime. The restores can be scheduled, and performed on either single files, emails or a vast number of files. The restores can be done from the Outlook backup software itself, or from the website and storage place to which these backed up files are sent.

Outlook backup is simple and easy to use. Like any backup plan it should not be complicated, this is to ensure the majority of the workers can successfully perform the backup of files, when required.

Outlook backup should be regularly checked, to maintain it in its optimal working condition. A plan should be formulated, so that the people in charge of backing up files from Outlook are aware of what they are doing at all times. Many times people allow their backup software or backup file plans to become out of date, meaning they are no longer of use. This is just as bad as losing files to an accident or disaster initially.

Outlook backup is perfect for any company that relies heavily upon the use of email and data. Emails are an essential part of business today, so should be taken care of like any other piece of data.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."