Technology can falter at any time. With computers being such an essential part of business today, this can be a major problem. Companies and business can be completely ruined when data loss occurs. With a Mac backup plan, however, this can be avoided. In the event that any accident occurs with your Mac, this backed up data can be restored.
Mac backup plans give companies the flexibility to choose when scheduled backups should run. These backups can be performed each night, or each day, depending on what suits you best. These backups can even be scheduled to work hourly, if your company produces hefty amounts of data daily. Mac backup data is stored offsite, providing a chance for easier, more secure recovery. Software is provided for all operating systems, and platforms on Mac computers. A link is created between the files and an online backup storage centre, that encrypts the data, making sure it is inaccessible to being compromised.

The data recovery offered by Mac backup plans allows restoring of files to occur in a variety of ways. This can be done from the website of the company who is storing the data, or from the saved files that have been created on the Mac backup software. In the case that a large amount of data is lost, a full system of data can be restored on an external hard drive. This perfect for companies who require their large data set to be returned quickly.

Mac backup is fast and simple to perform, the software can be downloaded to all the Mac’s that exist in the company. However, it can also be accessed from home or from anywhere in the world, simply with an internet connection and login details. This links all the computers to the same Mac backup server, allowing all the company‚Äôs data to be stored together. No longer does solely one person have to deal with backing up the crucial data. Instead it can be a joint venture, that a group of people from the company, or even in some cases, the entire company, can assist in.

Viruses, hard drives crashing, floods, fires and theft are all different reasons for why a company could potentially lose their data. The Mac backup offered, to help in any of these causes, can be accessed 24/7. This allows data recovery to happen at any time. Single files, or large quantity of files can be backed up simultaneously, depending upon what your company has established as being the most crucial data. The Mac backup is simple and easy to use, and should be taken full advantage of, in order to maintain a company after a disasters.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."