Over the years there have been many ways to backup data on your PC or server.  Floppy disc was a very popular backup in the 90’s, but soon became extinct as they were only capable of holding 1.4MB! These days with modern digital cameras you would only be able to backup one file per floppy disc.  Then came backup CDs and DVDs which again was good for a time but then space became an issue, not to mention CDs get scratched and lost. After many years of testing backup solutions only one backup came top of nearly all our tests, online backup.

The reasons this backup method came top was due to it being very secure, it uses the same encryption as the banks and military. When your backup has this level of security you can rest assured nobody will get hold of your files, certainly without your backup password anyway. The second reason the online backup works so well is the fact it doesn’t rely on any hardware. If your working from a laptop anywhere in the world you can securely backup your precious data and files, it just takes one click of the backup software. Your PC’s and server’s do not rely on any hardware either, the backup is fully controlled through the backup software. The third point why this backup did so well on our tests was the fact it was automated, you never had to tell it to run or remember to actually backup. In today’s world we have busy lives so another thing not to remember is a good thing.

During our backup testing stage we found some statistics there were quite staggering! DTI & Gartner proved that 70% of companies have to seize trading after losing their company data.  Why do so many companies risk losing everything – having a secure and automated backup plan is essential and not complicated to implement.

After the many backup tests, we performed the same amount again but in reverse, restoring files.  There is no point having a great backup solution in place that is complicated and messy when it comes to restoring files.  There are three easy ways to get your backup back 1) through the backup software, in just one click you can restore your entire backup or just a single file. 2) using our website – this was way just as easy and great for users that are out of the office. Just login via the website with your unique username and password and restore all or any files. 3) The final way is called bulk restore, we courier you out an external hard drive with your complete backup set ready for use, this method is an extra but well worth it in emergencies and if you have a large quantity of data.

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Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."