Companies are often faced with vicious Trojans, viruses and even physical accidents, posing a threat to their computers. Hard drives can be extensively damaged. Often this can mean a company’s entire workload is lost, and the majority of the time it is almost impossible to recover from this.

It is  essential for companies to have some sort of backup software to make sure that their data and information is stored elsewhere securely. If the time comes that one of these incidents occurs, the recovery of the data is primary objective. Online backup software is becoming increasingly popular for maintaining the security of company files and information, because of its ease and wide availability.

Any computer that requires the software, only needs to go through a simple installation process. This generates a link to a data storage centre, and encrypts the data as it is uploaded. This provides the highest level of security possible, for a company’s documents and data.

Online backup software makes it easy for users to specify the irreplaceable files they wish to have backed up. It also makes it just as easy to recover them. A network of employees who work for each company can access the online backup software and upload their crucial files. The online backup software makes it easier for simultaneous backups to occur at once – even from different computers.

The online backup software must be updated regularly to keep it in full working order. The most disastrous thing to occur, is for the software to not be updated. A company relying on the automatic backup of files, needs to the software to function problem. This can cause as much of a problem for companies, as a lack of updates to the software can make the retrieval of documents and data very difficult.

Online backup software can also mean that a collection of employees, or the entirety of the company can be in charge of backing up the software, rather than a single person who has to carry the data home every night. The data is far more at risk of being physically lost this way. The duties to keep the software updated, and the data backed up can now become a shared responsibility.

When wondering about how the only backup software is needed for a company, the damage done if the files were lost should be taken into consideration. After assessing the impact losing these files would have on the company, the need for the online backup software can be properly established.

Benefits of our online data backup:

  • 100% SECURE

"We have been incredibly impressed with the level of service the company offers. The sensitivity of our data is paramount."